Studio Policies


-Payment must be made at the time of booking. Time slots cannot be reserved without payment.

- For the well-being of our studio and our instructors, please note our cancellation policy:

24 hours advance notice of cancellation is required for classes.

24 hours advance notice of cancellation is required for private and semi-private sessions.

If cancellations are not done in the app or website, they must be emailed to messages are not sufficient. If you discuss the cancellation with us verbally, please email to confirm. For cancellations without advance notice as stated above, the client will charged for the session.

- If a client is less than 15 minutes late for a private or semi-private session, the session will be abbreviated and end at the scheduled time. If a client is more than 15 minutes late and has not called to let the trainer know, the session will be cancelled and the client will be charged for the session.

- Instructors may deny students late entry to classes if there is a concern about safety. Classes build progressively from the warm-up, so please arrive on time.

- Please note the expiration date of your sessions. This date varies depending on your package, and will appear on your receipt. Gift Certificates do not expire.

- All classes and sessions wrap up 5 minutes before the scheduled end time to allow for clean up and questions.

- Minimum age for group classes is 16, with parental or guardian consent.  For private sessions, it is up to the discretion of the owner and instructor.

- Children under 8 years old may not be in the studio without supervision.  Please do not bring young children to your sessions.  If you have questions, please email us.

- Mindbody allows up to 4 people to be on a waitlist for a class.  You must have classes available for use from your pack or membership in order to join a waitlist, but one won’t be used unless you are bumped into the class. If the system says “call”, or doesn’t offer a waitlist option, it’s likely there are already 4 people on the waitlist. The system will only automatically bump you into a class if there is still time to cancel without being penalized.  If a cancellation occurs after that period, you won’t be automatically bumped into the class. Please monitor your status on the waitlist--if you see a spot is open, add yourself to the class or email and we can place you in the class.  If you can no longer attend, please remove yourself from the waitlist.  If someone late cancels, we will reach out to people on the waitlist to see if they would like to attend--be on the lookout for an email. If you are on many waitlists, especially for classes on the same day, please monitor them closely as others are also on the lists and would like a chance to attend.  

Studio Etiquette

- We require clients to wear a clean pair of socks for Pilates sessions for hygiene reasons. - For personal training sessions, clients may wear socks or clean, indoor-only athletic shoes. - Please silence your cell phone before your class or session begins. - Please avoid strong-smelling perfumes or colognes, as they may upset clients with sensitivities. - Thank you for wiping down your mat and your equipment at the end of your group session!

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