Pregnacy and Pilates


Are you a new client?

Pilates is a wonderful way to stay fit and strong during pregnancy, and as long as you are healthy, there’s no reason why you can’t practice Pilates.  Pregnancy is a natural and normal stage of life, not an illness! If you’re brand new to Pilates, we do not recommend starting or joining group classes--you should plan on sticking with private sessions.

Are you a current client?

As your pregnancy progresses, there are limitations to what your body can handle.  Of course, everyone is different, but it will become more and more difficult to participate in a group class once you’ve passed week 23 or so--for obvious reasons, prone (belly-down) positions are difficult, forward flexion is limited, extended supine (back-down) positions should be limited due to compression of various blood vessels, etc.  In addition, the hormone that makes giving birth easier (Relaxin, which allows the bones of the pelvis to separate, don’t think about it too much!), also makes injuries more likely--it’s best if an instructor can keep a close eye on you. Please know that we would love to have you participate in class, but it becomes difficult for the instructor to continue to offer a satisfying experience to all participants.

If you are expecting, the most important thing is to disclose it to your instructor (they will be discreet if you would like!), so they can keep it in the back of their mind when planning lessons.  And know that you may get the most benefit out of private sessions, as they can be infinitely tailored to your specific needs. If financial issues become paramount, please contact Diane--she wants you to keep coming even when classes become difficult.