Science-Based Exercise Methodology:
Intelligent Exercise!

 FitLAB Pilates strives to bring science-based Pilates exercise methodology to our clients. Our instructors take current knowledge from biomechanics and spinal rehab and apply it to the foundation created by Joseph and Clara Pilates in the early 20th century. Pilates uses focused exercises to help correct muscular imbalances in the body and strengthen the core. You will learn to move with more ease, reducing unnecessary tension.

 Pilates is an education in the finer workings of the body. That knowledge will help you improve your posture and move through life with more confidence. You can take your Pilates knowledge and apply it to any sport, or just bring new body awareness to the movements of your daily life. Commit to at least two sessions a week at FitLAB Pilates, and you’ll see real changes in the way your body looks and feels within just a few weeks.  At FitLAB you may not leave the studio covered in sweat, but you'll leave with a better idea of how to get the most out of your workouts.

 Our Goals

- Offer clients fun workouts, with lots of variety
- Provide attentive, high-quality instruction
- Give clients an education about the body that they can carry with them throughout life!

Our Story

FitLAB Pilates was founded in 2009 by STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor Sarah Carr and her client, Dr. Pai-Ling Yin. From the beginning, Sarah's vision was to ignore fitness fads and give people what their bodies really needed, all while staying current with our evolving understanding of exercise physiology and biomechanics.  As an ACSM certified personal trainer, Sarah saw many people at the gym who wanted to go harder and faster, but their bodies were falling apart because of poor form, bad execution, and unaddressed imbalances in their bodies. At FitLAB Pilates, we strive to help our clients focus on movement, instead of moving mindlessly. The difference will amaze you!

In June 2017, Diane Roseman, a longtime client of FitLAB, purchased the studio from Sarah Carr, who decided it was time to move on.  Diane has been practicing Pilates since 2007, having struggled her whole adult life with lower back pain.  Pilates has made it possible to function and thrive without turning to medication to manage the pain.  Diane is excited to continue Sarah's path for the studio, supporting the quality instructors and welcoming environment of FitLAB.  Please reach out to Diane at with any questions or concerns.

FitLAB Pilates is an open, non-competitive environment. We welcome clients of every shape, size, and ability level. No matter what your starting point, we look forward to helping you Get Stronger, Stand Taller, Feel Better!

Meet Our Team!